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Bat’s Day…goths at Disneyland? Wait, aren’t goths supposed to hide in the dark and contemplate death and other morbid things? Why would they possibly go to Disneyland, especially during the hottest time of the year and during the park’s high season (read: LOTS of tourists)? That, I haven’t figured out yet other than it’s friggin’ Disneyland. Who doesn’t love that place??? If you don’t, there is a special place in Hell for you along with the rest of your fellow heartless fiends.

Bat’s Day is a great PR move for the goth community. People see them in full club attire in a very “Americana” setting (not to mention out in the sun, tanning, despite the Costco-sized tube of SPF 60 coating their skin). Some have kids and make it a family event, showing that yes, they, too, can be responsible parents. And when brave tourists approach them to ask what the deal is, they may find that goths do have manners and are amiable. What may even be more shocking is the fact that despite the stereotype, goths can smile. And they laugh, too. They don’t spend all their time lamenting their sad state of living with their hand stapled to their forehead. Well, most of them don’t…

However, what some of them haven’t figured out yet is that vinyl cat-suits and velvet ballgowns are highly impractical clothing for a summer day in the park. Even parasols and fans won’t save you from the suffocating heat, as I personally learned (along with the fact that an air-conditioned ride will break down when you get in line just to spite you *shakes fist at Small World*).

Then there are the shoes. Stiletto heels? Really? But that’s not reserved solely for this crowd. Many fashion-conscientious girls from all catwalks seem to don shoes that seem better suited for sitting than for trekking around Disneyland. But the fashion choices of the general public is a subject that deserves a post of its own so we’ll leave it alone here.

Things to note:
– When on Pirates, during the ship battle scene, when the captain yells “Fire at will!”, one must respond with “Duck, Will, duck!”
– On Big Thunder Mountain, wave at the turtles, snakes and goat. Else Derek will hurt you. And go at night during the fireworks.
– A padded suit is required to ride the Matterhorn without accruing bruises galore.
– Fast pass the big rides or go during a parade.
– The Blue Bayou is now outrageously expensive and not worth the price.
– Fish out of water = sushi

P.S. Hugging cold drinks is a nice way of cooling off.