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The Husband and I saw “District 9” and “Inglourious Basterds” this past weekend. I have reviews for the two movies coming up.  The short version is “Yes, go see them.”

“Inglourious Basterds” was the first Tarantino film that I really liked.  I know, most people are ga-ga for Tarantino movies but I never saw Pulp Fiction and what scenes I did see didn’t engage me.  I did see the two Kill Bill movies and while I appreciate them from an artistic point of view, I wasn’t really grabbed by the story or Uma Thurman.  IB was just fantastic.  Quirky, funny, action-y…

“District 9” is great.  It’s a nicely layered movie that has a good story and action but also depth and social commentary.  A really well-rounded movie.  Just beware of the shakey-cam during the first half…

I didn’t get a chance to update Dining with the Catty Critic with all the places I went to in the Bay Area and San Diego last week.  However, I did post about our visit to the Playa Vista Farmer’s Market.

I’m in San Diego again for the week and have plans on going to Tsuruhashi, a Yakiniku (Japanese version of Korean BBQ) restaurant tonight.